KISES projects

Dump Humanisation Programme

I am proud to have played my part in bringing education in some small way to one of the most inhospitable environments I have ever witnessed. Children as young as four or five years-old are pressed into manual labour to help support families living on top of the foul-smelling Vijayawada city dump. After consulting with the elders, it was agreed through KISES charity to provide daily classes to children of all ages a short distance away from the stench and noxious smoke belching out of the rotting waste 24 hours a day.

HEAL projects

Education & Healthcare

Since leaving a 35-year career in journalism behind, I have been living for several months of each year at HEAL Paradise Village, an unprecedented educational campus for as many as 1,000 disadvantaged children. In addition to fundraising, mentoring and providing financial support to students, mostly girls, through from Primary School to Degree course studies, I make use of my journalistic skills to run the global HEAL Communications department.