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Education is key

Education is a right, not a privilege, yet countless children in India are denied an opportunity to achieve their true potential. Instead of going to school, children from the poorest families often find themselves pressed into a battle for survival and forced to work from an early age. Only by lifting them out of poverty and placing them into education can these children hope to escape from the generational poverty trap.

Jem King background

During a career in journalism spanning four decades, I worked for the BBC, the Independent on Sunday, The Times, numerous magazines, as a freelance reporter, and for 28 years at Media Wales, home of the national newspaper of Wales, the Western Mail.

My first significant involvement in charity came in 2004, in response to television reports of the Boxing Day tsunami which devastated coastal regions of south-east Asia. Through my newspaper group, I was able to organise a 'Star-Studded Charity Auction' in which Welsh celebrities and sporting stars were invited to donate personal memorabilia to be auctioned off to the public. Thousands of pounds were raised for the Tsunami Relief Fund.

Two years later I became involved with the UK-based HEAL charity, having been deeply moved by the plight of people - and especially young children - working as rag-pickers on the dumps of India. Since sponsoring my first child in 2006, my involvement has grown from fundraiser to communications officer and I now spend many months each year living and volunteering at HEAL Paradise Village.

While working there, I came across KISES, an Indian NGO which stands up for the most marginalised and downtrodden people in India, including the tribal folk and low-caste families working and living on the dumps and in the slums of Vijayawada.

Volunteering in India

All of my work in India is carried out on a voluntary basis. Indeed, HEAL is run entirely by volunteers in the UK who pay all their own out-of-pocket expenses to help ensure all donations and child sponsorship go directly to where they are needed most. While at home in the UK, I focus largely on raising awareness and fundraising for KISES India and have been helping to fund a mobile school, health camps and feeding programme for children living on the Vijayawada Dump.

Jem King

Changing Lives in India

Former journalist of 35 years, now a volunteer dedicated to improving lives of the most marginalised and vulnerable people living in Indian society.

HEAL is dedicated to lifting 10,000 children out of poverty and placing them into education by 2020.

HEAL charity

Communications Officer,
Child Sponsor, Fundraiser

KISES charity

Communications Officer,
Donor, Fundraiser

KISES is an Indian NGO which has been standing up for the rights and needs of downtrodden people of low caste for 20 years.

Your support is appreciated...

I have set a personal fundraising target of £25,000 over five years to drive numerous projects forward. Visit my crowdfunding page at for more information on the many programmes I am involved with and how you can donate or get involved.